Seyi Akinlabi hails from Osun State and currently an intending Engineering Student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). Seyi signed up for Face Of Dega Reality TV Pageant Season 2 and attended the Lagos audition like every other aspiring contestant. Having scaled through the first stage with her voting and demonstrated potentialS of capacity to be in the house for the journey, Seyi was shortlisted as one of the top 25 to proceed to Dega Mansion for the 30 days highly coveted contest which began on 26th October, 2019 in Lagos Nigeria. The contest attracted contestants from different backgrounds in Nigeria and from Ghana who had emerged top from the first stage. From a distance, Seyi never seemed quite a threat for anyone to have sleepless night over until 2 weeks into the journey when she publicly made a news breaking statement to other housemates in the house and she said “Many of you are looking at me as a small girl, but watch me win this Crown”. The statement caused lots of ripples and reverberated  throughout the show in Dega house and eventually become a prophecy in fulfillment in November 24th when she emerged the Winner.

Seyi with her winning team during one of the brand’s week task

Signs and Events that showed that Seyi could possibly win the crown were:

1) Seyi went on to become the second Queen of House having led a team that won a brand task in the house.

2) Seyi was never up for eviction because at different times, she enjoyed bonus votes that brought immunity to her as a result of her top performances in various tasks in the house

3) Seyi is very intelligent, reserved, smart and has good attitude

4) Seyi didn’t come to the house with her smart phone which she told the Faculty in a diary session that she doesn’t need to canvass for votes, since she aldorah had a team of heavy supporters outside that are well positioned to rub her PR for votes and support in her behalf.

Seyi’s Catwalk Moment inside Dega Mansion

For a contest that; Winning is strictly based on intelligence, Character, TASK performance and Votes, the truth was undeniable about this tender beauty as she made top marks in all of these criteria to qualify as the fit for the crown. However, Seyi’s Votes began to take upward pyramid to the amazement of everyone who followed through the journey and finally, against what others had expected, Seyi broke a record with a total of 8 Million, One Hundred and Six Thousand, Five Hundred and Twelve Votes (8,106,512 Votes). She won with a margin of over 60% gap against the 1st Runner up.

Seyi Cries as some housemates face eviction panel inside Dega mansion

Another staggering record was: Seyi’s Vote was equivalent to the total votes of all others in the Top 5 list that graced the stage for the official unveiling of the winner.

Seyi’s Creative Art display during Art and Color Day in the house

Reports reveal that Seyi had international fans and team of voters in America and beyond who stood strong to ensure her votes made a mark to complement her meritorious efforts in the house.

Seyi’s Weekend Party Moment with Other Housemates in Dega Mansion

More insight coming on what makes this Queen outstanding in every standard.

Queen Seyi’s Staggering Votes


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