Aquinas Cosmas; one of Nigeria’s fast rising Tech and Media Entrepreneurs adds a new year. delaquine.com captures a Press Statement of wonderful celebratory message from the management that will get you teary, read below:

Birthdays are so important in our lives because they bring precious memories to us and also teach us to take stock of our lives.

This is why it is acceptable and ideal to remember these dates in our lives or that of others particularly those who hold special places in our hearts.

Today 5th August is very special to us because it gives us and many others the opportunity to remember and celebrate our own amazon.

It is the BIRTHDAY of Aquinas Cosmas and here is our special message to you Sir:

As a Tech and Media entrepreneur, a minister of the gospel and one who loves people with all his heart, you are a Trail Blazer, a Visionary Leader, a Goal Getter, sagacious and splendid. Thank you for being inspiring, excellent and exceptional. Your intellectual prowess and relationship wisdom are indiscribable. In the short time you have journeyed this earth, you have accomplished so much yet you don’t blow your trumpet. You are a public figure by every standard yet you are not noisy. You are iconic and legendary in what you do yet you are not puffed up. You are esteemed yet you are so humble to stick to simplicity. Talking about you and your exploits even through storms, tough times, difficulties, oppositions, adversities and challenges, will fill an encyclopedia. Today from all of us at Delaquine Family (Delaquine Group, Delaquine International Limited, Delaquine Services, Delaquine Supermarket and Delaquine TV), we celebrate you dearly and pray earnestly that this new year becomes a launch pad for you to greater phase and dimension of your life. Happy Birthday Sir, we love you!


For: Delaquine

From delaquine.com, congratulations to Aquinas Cosmas and we wish you the very best of this day. Happy Birthday

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