BREAKING: Over 3.4 Billion People Attend Pastor Chris’ Live Healing Service

The name Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a popular headline in the global news media. From being a miracle faith preacher to a phenomenal teacher of the bible, many around the world including men like the living Benny Hinn and Dr. Morris Cerrulo of blessed memory had at different times described him as a man whose character, life and demonstration of God’s supernatural power enshrined in undeniable proofs, are beyond human explanation.

It will be recalled that he was the first and only minister of the gospel who had confronted the evil behind the outbreak of the covid-19 plandemic of 2020 and singlehandedly led over 3 billion people around the world to pray against the virus; a supernatural act which the world is yet to come to terms with as it had never happened in human history since the world began for one man to pull such an indescribable figures of the population of the world to himself.

Although many conspiracy theorists, business professionals and motivational preachers had called him false names for his proven claims about the evil agenda behind the virus by its actors and perpetrators, while others continue to marvel at the audacity he has exuded, yet, his indepth teachings continue to prove beyond reasonable doubt, the reality of his claims.

In recent time, many who had divergent opinions against his teachings about the virus, are begining to realize their place particularly as the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has unveiled to the world the significance of the current crisis in the world to the fulfillment of the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ and the fact that he has been about recently more than ever before detemined to see the whole of the world’s population hear the gospel in one sitting, to usher in the rapture of the church.

Recall that the lockdown of 2020 saw many churches around the world vacated and programs of same taken to virtual platforms to reach members. But then, the man of God Pastor Chris, being one who beside being a pacesetter and a global gladiator in the use of media technology for minstry, saw the role he would play in the use of technology in advancing the gospel many years ago and went on to develop world class tech tools for his ministerial use and operations which have caused and continue to cause staggering global impact and accomplishments in the world.

His Healing School; a renown dynamic arm of his ministry which organizes several outreach operations dedicated to healing the sick around the world, has continued to be the last hope of healing and restoration of health for many who converge from around the world, across its physical operational centers in Canada, South Africa and Lagos Nigeria to receive healing at different sessions of its programs yearly.


The lockdown of 2020 although distrupted its physical sessions, but by the Spirit according to the Charismatic Minister, developed a live streaming tv to host the healing school live healing sessions to the whole world in a single meeting which had never happened before. According to reports, the first and second ever sessions of the healing stream live healing service where other senior pastors of Christ Embassy ministered, had over 1.7 billion people in attendance for the two seasons of the meeting.

However, in January 2021, the news about Pastor Chris coming live on 2021 first edition of the Healing Stream Live Healing Service hit the global news media and plans and preparations kickedoff around the world by the entire ministry in every nation of the world, rippling many into high anticipation as the news came to the sick as a sign of a new dawn. Weeks after weeks, the internet, social media, tv stations, radio stations and print media platforms were agog and saturared with heighened publicity in preparation for the ephocal event. By March 13th to 14th, 2021, the Healing Stream Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris was on. By the second day, the man of God via a confirmed report, announced to the whole world that on the first day of the program, more than 3.4 Billion unique participants connected across all media platforms of the ministry to participate in the program from around the world. By the final day, over 4.1 Billion people logged in to participate in the closing episode of The Healing Stream Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris.

Ofcourse, as it is customary to the ministry of Pastor Chris, miracles beyond words always characterize his meetings, whether it is a finance convention, crusades, conference or otherwise, the power of God is always present in abudant manifestation to heal the sick and change lives. Such including call for salvation, were the hallmarks of the penultimate event that have shook the whole world and leaving the atheists, conspiracy theorists and others in the business of criticism and skepticism perplexed and dumbfounded.

Diverse and unxplanable healing and creative miracles took place both in the studio live audience and across healing centers, hospitals, buses, car parks, police stations, barracks, homes, restaurants hotels and everywhere human beings connected from to watch during each day of the meeting as the man of God Pastor Chris ministered.

Further reports revealed that Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome is on the verge of reaching over 7 billion people of the total world’s population in a single meeting as one major feat that must be accomplished to finally usher in the rapture of the church.

By this world record breaking record record, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has become again and again the only man and minister of the gospel both before the saints in heaven and the saints alive on earth and among the living to preach the gospel to billions of people in all time and in a single meeting. Since the world began, nothing of such record had even been held by any human being both dead and alive.

Should the target of hitting the total world’s population with the gospel be accomplished by Pastor Chris and following his recent teachings on the about happening rapture of the church, every man and woman, boy and girl, child and adult, should be ready for the end of the world.



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