HEADLINE: The World Stands Still As Over 5.3 Billion People Join Pastor Chris In A Global Day Of Prayer

Written By Aquinas Cosmas

In early 2020 amid the global covid-19 pandemic, The first of its kind 24hours nonstop prayer program that was to change the world, Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn his special friend and guest hit the world. It’s magnificent miraculous impact on the world struggling with the dire pain of a luciferian disease at the time and the mamoth crowd that connected to participate for the first time in human history, to the tune of over 3.5 billion unique logins, hit the global news media, making staggering and earthshaking headlines.

It is fact and truth that throughout and since its’ inception in the year 2020, the Global Day Of Prayer with the man of God, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, DD, has provided room for the whole world to gather at the same time in the billions of numbers ever, not for sports, polictics or entertainment jamboree but instead to learn about the almighty God-wonderful Jesus our king, lord and saviour and receive salvation for their souls and to put the power in the name of Jesus to effect supernatural changes in every nation of the world, cutting off and destroying the satanic influences and his anti-christ imposed agenda through the covid-19 plandemic in every nation of the world.

What has been witnessed and remarkable about the Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris, is the continous unstoppable hunger and eargerness sparked up in the hearts of billions in all countries of the world to connect with the man of God at the same time to pray, hear the gospel and receive salvation and ofcourse the barrage of miracles that follow each season of the program, as it is customary with the ministry and meetings of the man of God Rev Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, DSc, DD.

Now in its 5th season since one year and still counting, during every moment of the global day of prayer, Pastor Chris shares from the Bible, in an extraordinary dimensions, revelations from God’s word about the rapture, salvation of the lost, the current plans of the anti-christ and the biblical prophecies about same, the person of Jesus Christ, the church and her place, Christian Faith and so much more to inspire burning desire and steaming sound knowledge and understanding of God’s word in the hearts of billions that prepare them rightly to pray for 24hours nonstop and effect changes in the affairs of all nations of the world. At different sessions of the heavenly meeting, many ministers of the gospel both of the believers loveworld nation (Christ Embassy) and from other associating ministries around the world, are given the opportunity by the man of God, to take turns to lead billions of participants in intense times of intercessary prayers.

Special segments of music renditions by Loveworld Singers and the Loveworld globally acclaimed legendary gospel music ministers in the likes of Sinach, Eben, etc are parts of the moments that charaterize this Holy Ghost ochestrated life changing, earth shaking and satan’s paralyzing heavenly global prayer crusade, Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Reports have shown that countless healing miracles, deliverances and tangible manifestation of the changes and prophecies declared from the lips of the man of God during the past and recent seasons of the meeting, including healing of many from the covid-19 plandemic, have been recorded and sustained. The height of it is that; every single exposition and prophecy given by Pastor Chris about the evil plans and agenda of the deep state and all such global perpetrators being used by satan to advance the cause of the anti-christ before his time in the earth, particularly through the covid-19 plandemic and the vaccines, are manifested spontaneously just as he said it.

Recall that in one of his similar global meetings which had over 3.5 billion people connected to participate worldwide, Pastor Chris had announced that one day, 5 billion people will be reached in a single meeting as part of the symbolic events to aid the mass evangelization of the world in anticipation of the rapture of the Church and the urgency of the spirit of God to have the church of Jesus Christ reach the whole world with gospel in preparation for his return. Just at the concluded 24hour Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris last night (27th March, 2021), the word of the man of God was fulfilled and over 5.3 Billion people connected to hear the gospel and pray with the man of God in a single meeting, at the same time in all nations of the world.

We thought we witnessed history during his healing stream live healing service early part of March 2021 where over 4.1 billion people connected to hear the word of God and to be healed of diverse sicknesses and diseases. But our thought was only a child’s play, as today in history, as one man, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has broken timeless record, preaching the gospel to over 5.3 Billion people world over at the same time, in a single meeting. In the world of before Adam and Eve, during Adam and Even, during the early bible days and upon till now, infact since man’s creation on earth, no one born or made by God, has dared such a feat, but through the power of the Holy Ghost and to the glory of the father, Pastor Chris having yielded himself to the lord as the prophet of our time and all time and the true oracle of God to this terminal generation, has made the father proud, reaching the world speedly in the billions of number and still blazing the trail, as he prepares them for the soon coming King, Jesus Christ.

Who knows what next number of billions will be reached at the next global meeting of the man of God, Pastor Chris, our fingers are crossed!

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